General Enzyme Information 

Industrial Biotechnology Journal Publication: “The Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Process for Industrial Microbial Enzymes”

Enzymes – A Primer on Use and Benefits

ETA Position Papers

ETA responds to recent Food and Chemical Toxicology article,”GRAS from the ground up: Review of the Interim Pilot Program for GRAS notification” by Hanlon et al., 2017

ETA Comments to Non-GMO Project Revised Standards

ETA GHS Guidance for Enzymes & 29 CFR 1910.1200

ETA Position Paper on the GRAS Status of Beta Amylase from Ungerminated Barley

ETA Allergen Position Paper – Fermentation Media

ETA Allergen Position Paper – Fermentation Media – Spanish

ETA Position Paper on Personal Care Products

ETA Position Statement on the Safety of Enzymes Used in the Manufacture of Ethanol from Grains with Use of Co-Products as Animal Feed

ETA Position Paper Biotechnology, Enzymes and Allergies

Food, Feed and Dietary Supplements

ETA Panel at IFT16 on Generally Recognized as Safety (GRAS) Concept

(IFT 16 Presentation): ETA Presentation at IFT 16 on Generally Recognized as Safety (GRAS) Concept

ETA Comment Letter – CFIA Permissible Claims

ETA – CRN – Best Practices Guide for Enzymes as Dietary Supplements

Distillers’ Grains, PowerPoint Presentation by FDA CVM at RFA National Ethanol Conference, February 2008

ETA Transglutaminase Letter to FSIS

Enzyme Safety Statement Ethanol Production and Distillers Grains

ETA Policy Statement in Reaction to Concerns Regarding Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant Radiation

An Industry-Sponsored Survey on Genotoxicity and Oral Toxicity Study Data from Enzymes Produced Using Protein Engineering

Orally Administered Enzyme Food Supplement Safety Overview

Health Canada Enzyme AbLS pdfs (English)

Communications with FDA concerning “natural” and HFCS

Letter to FDA on natural and HFCS

FDA response to CFA re HFCS

FDA response on HFCS

Safe Handling of Enzymes 

ETA Panel at BIO World Congress Conference Discussing Enzyme Safety

(Bio World Congress Presentation): ETA Presentation at BIO World Congress Conference Discussing Enzyme Safety

Working Safely With Enzymes – English

Safe Handling of Enzymes, Textile Chemist and Colorist & American Dyestuff Reporter, Vol. 32, No. 1, January 2000

AISE Allegren Guidance Document 8 February 2002