About ETA

The Enzyme Technical Association (ETA) is a trade association of companies that represents manufacturers, sellers and distributors of enzyme products in North, Central, and South America ("Americas"). The ETA has been in existence since 1970 and has taken an active role in assisting in the development of regulations and policies that affect the enzyme industry. ETA’s membership represents the majority of the enzyme product industry in the Americas. ETA promotes the development, preservation, maintenance and general welfare of the industry to the world of manufacturing and distributing enzyme preparations from any source for direct and indirect addition or application to foods, drugs, and other articles of use by humans or animals. With this goal in mind, ETA meetings may and should be occasions when members, representatives and guests:

  1. Discuss scientific, regulatory and legal solutions to common problems affecting industrial activities and the health and safety of employees and the public.
  2. Support and promote scientific programs to enhance public and employee health and safety.
  3. Support and promote educational programs to enhance public and employee health and safety.
  4. Collaborate in the best interests of the enzyme industry with branches of governments in the United States and abroad, related organizations and regulatory officials.