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ETA responds to recent Food and Chemical Toxicology article,“GRAS from the ground up: Review of the Interim Pilot Program for GRAS notification” by Hanlon et al., 2017

ETA recently submitted a Letter to the Editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology to address an article in its July publication, “GRAS from the ground up: Review of the Interim Pilot Program for GRAS notification” by Hanlon et al., 2017.

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Industrial Biotechnology Journal Publication: “The Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Process for Industrial Microbial Enzymes”

The Enzyme Technical Association (ETA) recently contributed an article titled “The Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Process for Industrial Microbial Enzymes” to Industrial Biotechnology, a peer-reviewed journal that provides news on bio-based industries. The article discusses the process for how

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ETA Panel at IFT16 on Generally Recognized as Safety (GRAS) Concept

The Enzyme Technical Association took part in a panel presentation discussing the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) concept during the IFT16 meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The Panel consisted of Tony Pavel (Cargill), Lori Gregg (Novozymes), Diane Shanahan (BASF), Vince Sewalt

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On September 21, several media articles referred to a recent study published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine on "genetically modified (GM)-enzymes". It is important to note that the allergy risk discussed in these articles and the research publication refers to

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ETA Expands Membership to Central and South America

The ETA was established in 1970 to represent the interests of the enzyme industry across North America. In recent years, however, a need for consistent, globally-harmonized support for the enzyme industry led the ETA to expand its membership to Central

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New Look Reflects ETA’s Purpose

Our organization has undergone positive growth over the past year, and with growth often comes change.  Since it began, the Enzyme Technical Association (ETA) has represented enzyme producers and marketers in the ever-changing regulatory and policy environment of the industry.

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ETA & CRN Publish Best Practices Guide – Enzyme Dietary Supplement Products

The Best Practices Guide was developed and published jointly by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the Enzyme Technical Association to help promote the safe production and use of enzyme-containing dietary supplements and to facilitate transparency and uniformity in the dietary supplement and

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Asparaginase Featured in FDA Acrylamide Draft Guidance and FoodDrinkEurope Acrylamide Toolbox

The use of asparaginase to reduce acrylamide in certain food processing applications is included in both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s  Draft Guidance for Industry: Acrylamide in Foods, as well as FoodDrinkEurope’s Acrylamide Toolbox.

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ETA Statement on Chloramphenicol Contamination of Enzyme Preparations

A voluntary recall of enzyme preparations contaminated with the antibiotic chloramphenicol was recently announced by a U.S.-based enzyme company that imported and distributed the affected product.  The chloramphenicol-contaminated enzyme products were imported from a small enzyme producer located in India. 

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Food Chemical News Discusses Enzymes

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